XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

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Call for Sessions


In the framework of the next XVIII ISA World Congress the focus of RC47 will be on themes of democracy, injustice, equality and the growing role of an actor’s affirmation against systemic forms of oppression. RC47 asks its members to develop sessions on these themes and their linkages with contemporary conflicts and movements.

Sessions are welcome from theoretical and empirical standpoints.

In particular, we will be pleased to receive session proposals concerning:

  • collective actions related to specific regions of the world, such as: Northern Africa, South America, African and South East Asian collective movements;
  • European and North American initiatives against global financialization;
  • social movements and their organizational forms;
  • transitional justice;
  • political tensions and civil movements;
  • reactions to globalization;
  • extreme right-wing movements, populist movements around communitarian enclosures;
  • social movements and the role of memory.


Sessions proposals must be sent to Program Coordinators by March 21, 2013.

Program coordinators
  • Antimo Luigi FARRO, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, antimoluigi.farro@uniroma1.it
  • Daishiro NOMIYA, Sophia University, Japan, d-nomiya@sophia.ac.jp
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