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A pdf version of the RC47 Statutes can be downloaded here

Table of contents

  1. RC47
  2. Nature of RC47
  3. Objectives of RC47
  4. Activities of RC47
  5. Membership
  6. Officers
  7. The Business Meeting
  8. The Board of RC47
  9. Electoral Procedures for the Elected Officers and Members of the Board of RC47
  10. Amendmend of the Statutes


These statutes were last amended in 2012.

I. The Research Committee on Social Classes and Social Movements is referred to hereinafter as RC47


  1. RC47 has been established in accordance with Article Four of the ISA statutes adopted in August 1993
  2. RC47 raises its funds by levying a subscription on its members, and in other ways
  3. RC47 administers its funds in accordance with Article Four of the ISA Statutes



The objectives of the RC47 are:

  1. to promote the development of theory and research in the sociology of collective action and structural determinants of social movements and social classes
  2. to create an international community among scholars in the field of sociology collective action and structural determinants of social movements and social classes



  • The activities of RC47 in pursuit of these objectives include, among other things,
  • the publication of a Newsletter. This Newsletter is distributed twice a year electronically to all members of the committee
  • the publication of a membership list at least every two years
  • the promotion of conferences and similar activities
  • the provision of travel grants to members in good standing in an open and transparent way
  • the promotion of comparative research
  • the encouragement of research networks and exchanges of information
  • the encouragement of publications related to RC 47 activities and conferences
  • the support of New Cultural Frontiers, an RC47 initiated sociological on-line journal
  • the maintenance of an RC47 website, interfaced with Facebook, Twitter, a blog, underscoring RC47 related occurrences between the twice a yearly Newsletters.
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In accordance with the ISA statutes membership can be distinguished into two types:

  1. “regular members in good standing” are defined those members who paid membership fees to both RC47 and ISA;
  2. “affiliated members” are defined those members who paid membership fees only to RC47.

This distinction applies to both individual and institutional members.

  1. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions working in the field of the sociology of collective action and structural determinants of movements and social classes
  2. Regular members in good standing are entitled:
    • to receive travel grants made by ISA, subject to such rules of eligibility as are established by the Board of RC47,
    • to vote at the Business Meeting of RC47 or by electronic ballot
  3. All regular and affiliated members are entitled to:
    • participate in the scientific activities of the Research Committee;
    • receive the RC47 Newsletter and such other publications as RC47 may issue;
    • obtain at reduced cost any publications on which RC47 has negotiated special rates for members.
  4. All regular and affiliated members are obliged
    • to observe the statutes of RC47
    • to carry out conscientiously any tasks entrusted to them by the Business Meeting or other competent bodies of RC47
    • to pay membership fees for the respective period (four years).



    1. The officers of RC47 are at present the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter Editors. There are up to five Vice-Presidents chosen to represent preferably different Continents or different geographical areas.
    2. The officers of RC47 shall carry out conscientiously the tasks entrusted to them by the members and Board of RC47 and inform the board about their activities at least once every year.
    3. Among the tasks of the officers are:
      • to be responsible for communications with the ISA
      • to be responsible for preparing a scientific programme for RC47 at the World Congress of Sociology and the World Forum;
      • to foresee the preparation and organization of RC47 conferences between World Congresses of Sociology and the World Forum.
      • to identify the themes and topics for at least one mid-term conference and take responsibility for the organization of those sessions;
      • to arrange the Business Meeting of RC47 and to record the minutes of that meeting;
      • to maintain a bank account
      • to circulate a newsletter (or equivalent) among all RC47 members at least twice annually
      • to execute all decisions and be responsible for the running of RC47 between Business Meetings
      • to submit written reports on their activities at each Business Meeting of RC47. These shall include reports on the Research Committee’s activities, its Newsletter and its financial position
    4. The number of officers may be increased or decreased in order to maximise the effectiveness of the work of RC47
    5. Decisions on the number of officers shall be made either at the Business Meeting, of World Congresses of Sociology and the World Forum, or, between Business Meetings  by the board (see Art. VIII)
    6. Officers shall be elected at the Business Meeting (see Art. VII). In accordance with the ISA statutes the president cannot be re-elected for a second consecutive term in office.
    7. If any officer resigns or is unable to serve, then the remaining officers, with the advice of the Board, shall appoint a replacement



A business meeting of RC47 shall be held during each World Forum and World Congress of Sociology. Its functions are:

  • to receive reports on the work of RC47 since the last business meeting, including a financial report regarding income and expenditure (see Art. VI);
  • to elect the Board and officers of RC47
  • to give guidance regarding the work of RC47, by passing resolutions or by other means
  • to discuss the stance of RC47 with regard to elections and decisions within the bodies of the ISA.



  1. The Board consists of:
    • president, vice-presidents (2), secretary-treasurer
    • the elected officers responsible of the NL
    • six elected ordinary members
    • two ex-officio members : a Board Member of New Cultural Frontiers and the immediate past President
  2. The elected members of the Board of RC47 shall be elected as detailed in Art. IX
  3. Each member of the board must at all times be:
    • a member in good standing of the ISA in accordance with the ISA statutes,
    • a member in good standing  of RC47
  4. Any change in the number of elected members on the Board shall be decided at the Business Meeting but before the election takes places
  5. The board shall be entitled to co-opt up to two members between Business Meetings
  6. In the case of resignation, inability to serve, or failure to comply with rules regarding ISA and RC47 good standing membership of a Board member, the remaining Board has the power to co-opt a replacement.
  7. Changes in the composition of the board shall be announced in the newsletter.
  8. The functions of the Board are:
    • to promote all the activities of RC47
    • to give advice to the officers on any matter
    • to nominate the delegate and alternate to the ISA Research Council Meetings; other organizations or events where RC47 wishes to be represented (liaison person);
    • to nominate an RC47 representative to the Board of New Cultural  Frontiers.
  9. The Board can establish procedures for making decisions via email or other electronic means.



  1. The election for Elected Officers and Board Members shall take place at the Business Meeting as far as possible, elected officers should represent various regions of the world sociological community
  2. All RC47 members in good standing and present at the Business Meeting shall be eligible to vote
  3. Candidates must submit a candidature statement and a short CV
  4. All nominations must be submitted to the President 12 hours before the start of the Business Meeting. Nomination papers must bear the signatures of three RC47 members in good standing other than the nominee
  5. If no nominations have been received in time, the officers of RC47 shall be empowered to nominate officers and members of the Board
  6. The quorum for the Business Meeting shall be 20 members
  7. If the Business Meeting is inquorate the officers, advised by the Board, shall designate a new Board and officers
  8. Voting shall be by secret ballot
  9. In the election for ordinary elected members the n persons receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. The figure n is identical to the number of ordinary members elected at the previous Business Meeting, unless it has been changed by a motion passed subsequently. In the event of a tie, the choice among those receiving the same number of votes shall be decided by lot.



  1. Any motion to amend the statutes shall be sent to all members in good standing by e-mail and to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the RC47 Newsletter
  2. Such motions shall have the signatures of five members of RC47 in good standing. E-mails supporting a motion equal a signature.
  3. Motions to amend the statutes will be considered at the Business Meeting of the RC47, and come into effect if supported by a two-thirds majority of those present
  4. Such a proposal must be received by the Board at least one year before the first day of the World Congress.
  5. The proposal will be circulated among all RC47 members, together with an explanation of its rationale, at least six months before the next World Congress. The Board will be entitled to propose amendments, to be circulated at least two months before the World Congress.