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Second ISA Forum of Sociology 2012 – Rules for Grant Allocation


a.    Each Research Committee, Working and Thematic Group is responsible for allocating grant(s) to person(s) selected by its Board, following the criteria established by the ISA.

b.    Applications for financial support should be sent by the participants directly to the RC/WG/TG Programme Coordinators by January 31, 2012.

c. One can apply for a grant to only one RC/WG/TG.
The ISA Secretariat will advise the RC/WG/TG if someone has applied to/been recommended by/ more than one group for the various types of grants.

d.    Each RC/WG/TG will select candidates and allocate the funds available for that group.
The Programme Coordinator shall decide on allocation in consultation with the RC/WG/TG President and Secretary and the results shall be published.

e. A backup list of potential grant receivers shall also be prepared to be used in case someone cancels his/her participation or has been allocated a grant by another RC/WG/TG.

f.    A list of selected individuals and amounts recommended should be sent by the RC/WG/TG to the ISA Secretariat ( before March 1, 2012 for verification and posting on the ISA website.

g.    Grants will be paid by the ISA directly to the selected individuals.

1. Who is eligible?

Individual members of the ISA in good standing (i.e. having paid their individual membership fees) coming from developing countries (listed in economies B and C on the Forum registration form and who play an active role in the Forum programme either as a session organiser, session chair or a paper-giver.

2. What will the grants be?

The grants can be allocated for one or more of the following items:
* Forum registration fee (available also for economy A).
* Airfare (in full or in part).
* Accommodation (in full or in part).

3. How to apply?

One can apply for a grant to only one RC/WG/TG. Multiple applications will not be considered.
A letter of application should be sent before January 31, 2012 to the Programme Coordinator of the Research Committee, Working and/or Thematic Group where a paper will be presented. E-mail addresses of the Programme Coordinators of the RC/WG/TGs are available at

4. Decisions

The Board of each RC/WG/TG will review all applications and recommend the allocation of available funds. A list of the selected individuals will be posted on the ISA website by mid- March 2012, so that all successful applicants can register to the Forum before April 10, 2012 the deadline for early registration.

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